Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Best Practice Triaining Guide

Training the Trainer
There are many driving forces that are pushing businesses and educational institutions to seek alternatives to classroom training. One of the main forces is the need to cut cost, while raising the performance outcome. So what you find is a lot of corner cutting training techniques. These techniques often include the dumping of course materials onto an online setting and calling it training.

"It often seems that managers or customers care only about the appearance of training" which place the ID in a difficult situation of having to train a workforce to be ready to execute innovations (Moller, Foshay, & Huett, 2008).

Effective distance training programs will require thoughtful pre-plannining strategies that will ensure learner success.  The following training guide will outline the sytematic approach to planning. It will also highlight strategies for the conversion of course materials onto an online format. It is important for instructors to note that distance teaching / training will require a change in roles along with methods used to deliver instruction. This training guide also will address the issues of student interactiviy and communication needs to promote active engagement. Additional information on effective pre-planing strategies can be found in A Guide for Training the Trainer. Enjoy! 


Moller, L., Foshay,W., & Huett, J. (2008) The evolution of distance education:Implications for instructional design on the potential of the web. Tech Trends. Vol. 52 (3).

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