Monday, April 16, 2012

Professional Development Plan

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Outlining My Professional Development

Alignment of Goals with School Improvement Plan
School Improvement Goal Classroom Improvement Goal
To meet the AYP standards for all subgroups 85% of our students will make learning gains in mathematics on the 2011-2012 FCAT 2.0. To improve parent teacher communication among students and families with disabilities.
To implement and promote technology tools that will lead to student engagement and  effective learning strategies within the classroom setting.  
Needs Assessment Professional Development Objectives
FCAT results reveal a drop in Math acheivement among students with disabilities as well as those among the lower socio-economic group. Classroom reports identify 5 out of 14 students who've achieved a level 1 in Math, all others (except 3) received a level 2 or above. The three exceptions did not meet testing criteria.
According to the Lake County Beginnig of the Year Benchmark Testing, all 15 students are performing below 50% mastery in math skills.
I will implement strategies recommended by R. Marzano to enhance student performance in all academic subject areas.
* I would like to increase my students math knowledge by demonstrating various stategies to solve a single math problem.

* I would like to increase my students math comprehension of word problems by demonstrating how to recognize/highlight key words and identifying the correct operation.

* I would like to increase the engagement level of my students by incorporating more hands - on- activities, visual representations and or techonology links.
Specific Professional Training and Learning Activities
** Graduate Course work on Instructional Strategies and Design

-Related Courses include: 1. Learning Theories and Instruction (9/2010-10/2010)  and 2. Instructional  Design (10/2010-11/2010).
I will also attend Spring Workshop on how to create / use Manipulatives in the classroom.

I will attend Classworks training on how to implement technology lessons for tracking progress according to benchmarks.

I will attend a Study Island Webinar session on how to incorporate techonology component for additional math assignments and or homework to allow parent participation.

I will attend and participate in  Team Trainings to improve and enhance my teaching strategies within the classroom.

I will Chair and attend Grade Level meetings to keep abreast of the issues effecting the classroom setting.

Completed / In Progress :

*After School Tutor 2009-2011

* PTO Treasure 2010-2011

* Technology Committee Member 2011-2012

*Technology Mentor and Coordinator for professional development of others 2011-2012
My training path will include a cobination of formal / informal education, and assessment. I will obtain my formal education from Walden University in the field of Technology and Design. Walden's online feature will allow 24 hour access to coursework at my own convenience and pace. The coursework design will enhance my skills and in technology, which is in alignment with my professional goal of implementing technology in the classroom. Informal coursework or trainings through Classworks and Study Island Webinars will assist in meeting the specificied math goal, while tracking the progress of my students. Having the ability to track my student's progress via technology tools will promote self assessment in my own progress towards effective technology implementation. Participation in team trainings will include formal and informal assessments by peers and administrators. Assessment responses and results may be used to further guide and develop my capacity to transfer required skills and knowledge to the job.

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  1. Denna,
    Employee Development and Initiatives for Educators.
    The slide program was very informative and well designed. Good selection of reasons for implementing an employee development plan. For educations, I think benefit number 2 is very important; reduce feelings of stagnation and increase morale. I would agree that Interpersonal Relationship strategies have great potential for educator development. Since your PPT title mentioned initiatives for educators; I was looking for more specific recommendations that were directly related to the needs of educators. Your recommendations were too generic. You made a very important point regarding a positive working environment.

    Personal Development Plan
    I really liked how you tied your professional objectives and development to a needs analysis of school and classroom goals. Does the team training include a Community of Practice component? The plan is realistic and doable. Great plan, go for it.